It is not a uniform affair when it comes to converting a loft. Just there are many buildings; there are also a lot of variations when it comes to loft conversion. Still, just like any other construction project that is always intense and require outstanding results, converting a loft comes with diverse timeframes.

Indeed, there are so many factors that contribute to the time spent on specific projects; it becomes challenging to give a clear and accurate timeline. The ability to measure timescales depends on individual projects and the reality is that most loft conversions are just never alike.

Again, the time used from start to finish could depend on such a key issue as manpower. This is because the more workforce and commitment is reinforced towards the job at hand, the earlier the results trickle in quickly.

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Irrespective of the project at hand, most loft conversions take about 8 weeks, give or take for a complete job. There are also some common timelines that are related to all types of loft conversion. These include:

Blueprint Designs

The initial stage of the loft conversion design involves the coming together of the project team composed of an architect. Usually, their first task includes carrying out survey tasks of not only the loft but the whole building as well The team puts into consideration issues to do with access to accommodations and fire access. Read more