I create interiors that tell a story. Your home represents the visual story of you — what you like, what feels comfortable, what is important to you. As a designer I want to help share your story through decor that’s reflective of how you live everyday. My interiors include a comfortable and casual mix of new, traditional and custom elements that create beautiful and timeless spaces.

Before becoming an interior designer, I spent many years working in television news in Seattle and New York City. As a segment producer for The Early Show I worked with editors from Martha Stewart Living, House & Garden, Elle Décor and Real Simple and that’s when I started to fall in love with the idea of how people live in their home. In collaboration with these trend setters we came up with exciting ideas for the best products and easy solutions for every day life.

Working in TV honed my skills as a visual story teller and that’s I how I approach my design projects: learning from you what story you want your home to tell and how we bring that to life. Beauty is in the details, lighting, color, texture, but no one element stands out — the layers and unexpected mix achieve a harmonious balance.

I studied interior design at the Art Institute in Seattle where I live with my partner and two sons. I started Sheridan + Company to bring my design philosophy to life: that interiors reflect your needs and spirit and inspire your story.